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I grew up in Leavittsburgh, which is a small town nestled between Cleveland and Akron Ohio where I attended LaBrae High School. After graduation in 1992 I enlisted in the US Army where I served three years and in 1995, I was honorably discharged.

This was not a planned exit from service, and I had no plan “B” so I took a few months off to figure out what the next move would be for me.  Later that year I went back to school for my Associates Degree in Business Administration, with a focus on Finance Management.

From 1998 to 2008 I worked in both Corporate America, and for small business and went back to school for my Bachelor’s degree in Accounting.  I continued my education until I eventually earned my Doctorate of Church Administration 

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I have had the chance to meet a lot of great people, and work with great organizations. Along the way  I have been lucky enough have some great mentors , coaches, and teachers help me get to where I am. 

I started coaching and teaching  after a friend of my mine made the comment " Michael, you can help a lot of people with your experience and education." It was at that moment I realized that not every one has been lucky enough to have the experiences that I have, and we all , no matter how old, how educated, or different we are, we all need a little help to get from where we are, to where we want to be.

The path to get to where I am has not always been an easy one, it never is, but I would not change it one bit. Maybe it's the pastor or Chaplin in me but I truly do love helping others , this is not now, or will ever be about me. 

Through biblical leadership coaching I equip leaders for success and to see them to walk in the fullness of their God-given potential, enabling them to make decisions with confidence and clarity.


When coaching leaders I take a hands on , one on one approach. During our sessions we will discover the root of the challenges and take a biblical approach to over come them


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