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As a pastor, church planter and business owner I know first hand how difficult it can be to hear Gods voice, when facing the everyday challenges of a growing church or business. 

As a pastor I  have a passion to equip  leaders for success and to see them to walk in the fullness of their God-given potential, enabling them to make decisions  with confidence and clarity.

My 20 year career has been this amazing journey that has given me tools, education, knowledge, experience and expertise.

Along the way I have started 3 businesses, two of which I sold. Planted and pastored a church and had my own ministry

I am here to pass on and share the experience, education and expertise  hopefully helping others reach their goals, over come challenges and gain a different perspective.

My mission is to equip Christian entrepreneurs and leaders with the tools, habits, and mindset to reach their God-given potential through biblical leadership coaching and teaching.

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